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Founded in 2011, TURBION, operating under the registered brand of PT Mitra Andalan Batam, is a prominent fuel importer company that specializes in the import, supply, and distribution of a diverse range of diesel oil and fuel oil across various market segments. With its strong presence in the industry, TURBION has established itself as a trusted name in the fuel market.

TURBION prides itself on its extensive network and strategic partnerships, which enable efficient sourcing, transportation, and storage of fuel products. This allows the company to maintain a consistent and uninterrupted supply of fuel, meeting the demands of its clients even during peak periods.

As TURBION continues to grow and expand its operations, the company remains dedicated to upholding its reputation as a leading fuel importer, supplier, and distributor. With its unwavering commitment to excellence, extensive industry expertise, and strong management, TURBION is poised to continue providing reliable and high-quality fuel solutions to its valued customers in the years to come.


To become a superior, insightful, and reputable oil and gas company


To provide more competitive and guaranteed products with timely delivery. and equipped with a well-managed system and good quality control


by Our Brand Commitment
Turbion Believe Competitive Pricing with Good Quality is one of the greatest opportunities for companies to Strengthen Their Supply Chain and Competitive Market Position. Besides that, Timely Delivery is the other concern, to ensure productivity and cost savings of valued customers

Quality Commitment

Product Samples MGO, IDO , MFO, High Sulfur Fuel Oil and Low Sulfur Fuel Oil. Must be Sent to A Test Research Laboratory to Ensure The Quality Meets Standard Requirements.


Turbion, Provides Range of Diesel Oil

MGO (Marine Gas Oil)

IDO (Industrial Diesel Oil)

LSFO ( Low Sulphur Fuel Oil ) HSFO ( High Sulphur Fuel Oil )

Latest Media

A small river named Duden flows by their place and supplies it with the necessary regelialia. It is a paradise

Located at Tanjung Uncang storage site in Batam, Indonesia

3 (three) unit tanker for distribution nationwide of entire Indonesia.

Private Terminal Jetty at Tanjung Uncang storage site in Batam, Indonesia

10 (ten) Units of fuel trucks with loading capacities of




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